Test days & Fee

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Fee details:

Computer Delivered IELTS Test Fee - 708,000 MNT
Re-marking fee - 280,000 MNT
Cancellation fee: 170,000 MNT
Test date transfer fee: 170,000 MNT
Extra TRF fee: 17,000 MNT

Please transfer your IELTS test fee to the following bank account.
  • ACCOUNT No: 499 232 558 /MNT/ - TDB (Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia)
  • 503 127 2734 /MNT/ - Хаан Банк (Khaan Bank)
DESCRIPTION: Enter the full reference number and the test taker's name e.g. MN028-132655-5696 BATAA Dorjsuren.