Why study with us?

Why study with us?


We are...

STANDARDIZED we have officially introduced Cambridge Communicative English Program (CCEP) and al our courses are conducted under Cambridge standard.

ESTABLISHED Established in 1995, Jet School of English is one of the best-known private educational institutions for English language training.

LEADING We are one of the top three English language training institutions in Mongolia.

CONVENIENTLY LOCATED Our institute is located right in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, easily accessible by bus and taxi.


We have...

Qualified teachers Our teachers are professional TESOL certified teachers who have extended working experience. They are competent and very passionate about teaching.

Excellent customer service With our excellent customer service, learning at our school is an enjoyable experience.

ENGAGING CLASSES Enhance your learning experience through lots of speaking practice in class!

Modern facilities Modern and interactive classrooms with access to library and computer laboratory.