TOEFL preparation course

Course Details

Course Length:
Total Hours: 120 academic hours
Number of classes per week: 5 days
One class duration: 3 academic hours
Time choices: 09:20, 15:20, 18:20
Price: 765,000₮

We offer an Internet-Based (iBT) TOEFL test preparation course for those individuals seeking admission to foreign universities, licenses, certification in professional fields, or proof of proficiency for job placement.

The iBT TOEFL course prepares students for every skill area of the examination. It reviews writing structures for both the academic writing and integrated writing portions of the examination. Students are taught exactly what they should expect on these sections so that they can cover all of the important areas in their responses.

The reading comprehension portion of the course covers the ten questions that are asked in the section and how students should find the credited response quickly and efficiently.

The preparation of the speaking portion of the examination covers the six questions that are asked and how to respond in ways that will help the students achieve the best possible score.

In the listening comprehension section, students review the question types and the structure of the section (dialogues, lectures, etc.) so that they are able to maximize scores even when they encounter comprehension difficulties.

Students who attend regularly, and do all of the assignments and practice tests should achieve the required scores for undergraduate or graduate programs.


To ensure high quality, our iBT TOEFL preparation course is specifically divided up into three main sessions which aim at developing certain skills in a well-planned order. Each session continues for one month.

The first session is designed to give a solid foundation that is necessary to fully understand the concepts, skills, and contents that are taught on the next session; the second session includes intensive teaching and work on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as strategies for approaching iBT TOEFL tasks; and the last or third session concentrates on practice test taking using all the skills and knowledge that are acquired throughout the first two sessions.

As practice tests are comprised of official sample iBT TOEFL tests from leading textbooks such as Complete Guide (Thomson), Cambridge and Official Guide (ETS), it is a good opportunity for the students to learn to manage their time while taking a real test.

Extracurricular activities

We organize the following extracurricular activities on designated Saturdays:

  • Expert teacher’s lecture/advice

Our leading teachers give an interactive lecture or advice to the students on different topics such as “How to apply for universities and scholarships abroad”, “What should you know before leaving for your study”, “Tips for learning English fast”, and more.

  • Debate & Speaking club

Our Debate & Speaking club provides the students with an opportunity to improve their English speaking as well as their public speaking abilities. The meetings are led by our leading teachers who are specialized in oratory and debate.

  • Review session

At the end of the course teachers give a review session during which students are encouraged to ask any questions they have regarding the course, their commonly made mistakes, actual test taking and more.

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