Business English program (per module)

Course Details

Course Modules:
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Customer Service
  • Corporate Management
One Module Length: 4 долоо хоног
Total Hours: 36 academic hours
Number of classes per week: 3 days
One class duration: 3 academic hours
Time choices: 09:20, 15:20, 18:20
Price: 0₮

This is the perfect short course for working professionals whose first language is not English and who want to improve key business communication skills they use in the workplace such as writing reports, emailing, telephoning, presenting, making negotiations and meetings.


Our Business English program is specifically designed for working professionals who aim at developing and advancing their English skills at their workplace. The whole program is comprised of five different modules which are: Marketing, Finance, Human resource, Customer Service and Corporate Management. Depending on your field of work and necessity, you can choose your module of study.

In each module you will:

  • Understand and use the key principles of business communication;
  • Organize and express ideas in writing and speaking in a business environment;
  • Learn and demonstrate the use of essential business vocabulary;
  • Develop and demonstrate essential business communication skills such as making presentations, making negotiations, telephoning, taking part in meetings and emailing;
  • Learn and apply techniques for effective interpersonal communication in the workplace;
  • Work on case studies that are specifically designed for each module.
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