Academic English program

Course Details

Course Length: 8 weeks
Total Hours: 120 academic hours
Number of classes per week: 5 days
One class duration: 3 academic hours
Time choices: 09:20, 15:20, 18:20
Price: 650.000₮

When you study at an English speaking university or college, you need to be confident in your spoken and written English, and in your ability to communicate with others - our Academic English courses will help you achieve this.

Our Academic English courses focus on improving your core academic skills to prepare you for university or college, and set you ahead of your classmates.


Academic English is a three-level course taking students from Intermediate to Advanced. Each level includes Listening & Speaking, Reading & Vocabulary, Grammar & Writing sessions that complement each other through parallel topics and features. Our Academic English program not only provides the tools for academic success but also creates an interactive learning environment which encapsulates student debate.

There would be no surprise to find out that our Academic English program follows a skills-based approach. What is refreshing, however, is that each module has been carefully compiled to encourage students to think more laterally about the English language, their studies, and the world around them. The students are first exposed to the module topic through a more familiar, or global passage with approachable vocabulary to ensure they’re composed and confident with their task. The second, and longer text has more detail so necessitates the student to think more, requiring them to engage fully with the associated tasks.

Our Academic English program provides a strong focus on study skills supplying students with practical guidance and support, touching on new life skills such as time management, organization and preparation, while building confidence for independent learning throughout their university career.

Extracurricular activities

We organize the following extracurricular activities on designated Saturdays:

  • Expert teacher’s lecture/advice

Our leading teachers give an interactive lecture or advice to the students on different topics such as “How to apply for universities and scholarships abroad”, “What should you know before leaving for your study”, “Tips for learning English fast”, and more.

  • Debate & Speaking club

Our Debate & Speaking club provides the students with an opportunity to improve their English speaking as well as their public speaking abilities. The meetings are led by our leading teachers who are specialized in oratory and debate.

  • Review session

At the end of the course teachers give a review session during which students are encouraged to ask any questions they have regarding the course, their commonly made mistakes and more.

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